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You died on a Saturday morning...

You died on a Saturday morning...

September 16th, 2016 - the day I decided I was going to make a career out of acting. - This monologue is one very dear to me because of a couple of reasons. This was the first time I had ever recited a monologue in front of a class, as well as the first time in front of camera. I was in my Film Study class at @newyorkfilmacademy back in September 2016 and we had to choose a monologue and perform it. Keep in mind that it was barely the second week of an 8-week intensive workshop and, speaking for myself, I was very new to acting. Another reason this monologue is very special to me is because it’s from my favorite movie of all time, Forrest Gump (1994). When we were to choose a piece to perform this was my choice since the beginning, no brained there. - The biggest reason this monologue is so special is because it’s the first time I had ever captured a room and lost myself in a role. During these 2 and a half minutes I went somewhere that to this day I still have no idea where. I lost myself in the text and because of that I lost sight of who and what was in the room. When I popped out of this zone I awoke to a room full of peers, awestruck as well as some in tears, in amazement of what an actor with no experience had done. My friends, that moment I was overjoyed and incredibly confused, in a good way, and from that moment on I realized that that feeling is one I want to have over and over again, and from that day on I fell in love with acting and I vowed to make it my life, along with filmmaking. - Although you can clearly see the rookie in me and it has sooooooo many flaws, this performance is so much more special to me than that. There was a before and after in my life thanks to this monologue, and I’m very happy to share this story with you today. Enjoy, my friends, and please please please, whatever makes you happy and keeps you going, hold on to it, it will be worth it. -
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